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An estimated 2.6 million nonfatal injuries occur on the job each year in the United States. At Prestige Primary Care, P.A., Asif Aziz, MD, specializes in diagnostic testing and treatment services for a range of workers’ compensation injuries, including burns, sprains, and strains. Dr. Aziz customizes a care plan to help you recover from your injury fully so you can return to work safely. Call the Dallas, Texas, office to schedule a workers’ compensation consultation or book an appointment online today. 

Workers Compensation Q & A

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation provides partial medical care and income protection to people who are injured at work or experience a job-related illness.

Prestige Primary Care, P.A. has extensive experience assisting individuals with workers’ compensation injuries and illnesses. Dr. Aziz documents all medical care you receive to support your workers’ compensation claim.

When should I schedule a workers’ compensation consultation?

You should schedule a consultation at Prestige Primary Care, P.A. soon after you experience an accident on the job. Many types of injuries may not be noticeable right away, so it's important that you get a comprehensive medical evaluation to prevent further complications.

Common workers’ compensation issues Dr. Aziz diagnoses and treats include:

  • Burns
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Muscle sprains
  • Ligament strains

These injuries can occur from slips, trips, and falls, contact with heavy machinery, or exposure to chemicals and other substances. You may also experience a workplace injury if you have an accident while operating a vehicle or other piece of equipment.

At the time of your injury, be sure to immediately notify your supervisor and seek medical care. Delaying an evaluation can increase your risk of your condition worsening and may also negatively affect your workers’ compensation claim.

What happens during a workers’ compensation visit?

During your initial workers’ compensation visit at Prestige Primary Care, P.A., Dr. Aziz spends time reviewing your symptoms and medical history. He completes a physical exam and may order additional testing to identify the type of injury you have.

In-office testing services include:

  • Spirometry
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Echocardiogram
  • Nerve conduction study
  • Videonystagmogram (for dizziness)

If you have cuts or lacerations, wound care services are available on-site. Dr. Aziz cleans and bandages the wound right away to prevent infection.

Based on the results of your exam, Dr. Aziz creates a treatment plan to manage your symptoms and support your full recovery. He helps you schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your healing and can recommend when it's safe to return to work.

If you need specialized treatment for a workplace injury such as physical therapy or other rehabilitative services, Dr. Aziz can coordinate your additional care with local providers.

Call Prestige Primary Care, P.A. to schedule a workers’ compensation consultation or book an appointment online today.